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Dry Eye Treatment in Williamsville, NY

Get an individualized plan and find relief.

Man with dry eyes.


Dry eye is a complex condition that requires a proper diagnosis and an individualized plan of care.

Make an appointment today if you’re searching for real relief from itchy, burning dry eyes.

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is a medical condition with common symptoms—dry, irritated, itchy or watery eyes—and a wide range of underlying causes.

Many people think dry eye treatment is about replacing tears. But many factors contribute to dry eye including:

  • aging,
  • screen time,
  • medication side effects,
  • environmental irritants,
  • or medical issues.

Only an experienced eye doctor can determine the underlying cause of dry eye and create a targeted plan for relief.

Get relief from dry eye

Diagnosing and treating dry eye is a complex task. It involves taking a detailed medical history, testing tear quality and quantity, and assessing the health of the eyes and eye tissue.

Advanced diagnostics play a key role in determining the true cause of your dry eye and cutting-edge treatments can bring real relief to sufferers.

Advanced Eyecare Center is one of the only offices in the western New York area with these advanced diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

Our experienced optometrists will work with you to improve your vision, preserve your eye health and help relieve dry, irritated eyes.

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More than just an irritant, dry eye can have long-term impact on your vision and eye health. Set up an appointment today with an eye health professional and get relief from itchy, burning or watery eyes.